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There is nothing more fascinating than reality. Aleksander Kushelev

Letter to the Queen of England

    Dear Queen, and the government of England. I am glad to announce that the mystery of Crop Circles is not a mystery any more. I did not know that for the solution of this riddle there was a prize, and did it purely for the sake of personal interest and interested of all human beings. Though it would be great to receive reward from You, as it will significantly fasten the process of creation of microwave energetic and aviation, in other words create on our Earth the same resources which are used by newcomers to come for fossilized resources to our planet from other stars. I think, that investigations on microwave energetic and aviation should be done on the international level, as it is of a great importance and interest for all the countries. Any attempts to make these investigations secretly can lead to irreparable harm for all human kind. I suggest to discuss this topic on the meeting of the Big 8 country representatives.

Nanoworld Laboratory Manager Aleksander Kushelev 

Newcomers mercantile interest to our planet can be explained now they come here for rare chemical elements.

Once you look at these fields from the cruising altitude it is easy to notice aperiodicities- the spots of different hues. These spots point to the high content of chemical compound.

It is enough to conduct a spectral analysis in these regions and You (as well as Newcomers) will have the chemical map of the Planet in your hands. Once they lack some element, they look at the map, come down to the Planet and take that element. They take it out right at the spot, the process looks like this: at midnight, (when there is minimum disturbance from the sun) at the spot where the significant quantity of the necessary element is contained (this is determined by the standard spectrometric method), the flying factory on soil and\or plant processing is placed.

One of the methods is heating the plants with super high frequency - SHF method (the processed lots can be seen in red), and separation of scarce elements from the resulting steam.


On the landing spots the prints from the aircraft are left:

The "aircrafts" themselves can look like this:

Original Photo at:

This is the possible result from the technological cycle of the extraction of rare earth elements from the blanket. This is the typical coast of the dried sea (the bottom is in wheat (yellow), and the shore is green).

As we know in seas and oceans there are all the elements from Mendeleyev table. At the bottoms of those seas and oceans there are complicates chemical processes going on, the accumulations of scarce elements appear, but we are not going to be the ones who will get those elements. Maybe our far descendants or aliens who will witness the desiccation of the seas where the elements are being concentrated in the form of non-homogeneous spots. The maximum concentration appears in river deltas and on the lowest bottoms of the seas.

At the spot where the red arrow is pointing, in the delta of the river, the absence of soil is observed (unnatural hollow), from which, it is assumed, that soil was take by the aliens. In some research documents on the topic of aliens, it is said that at the spots of their landing over 1000 cubic meters of soil disappears.

Just for the notice: In the earth core there is 5 times less of Rhenium than of gold, Rhenium reserve in the world is only about 1000 tons, that is why it is significantly more expensive than gold. The demand on this metal is constantly growing, especially in the lat few years, once the interest from the creators of rocket technologies appeared. Osmium is 7.5 times more expensive than gold. If the world production of most of the metals is counted in thousand and millions of tins, then, for Osmium the count is in kilograms.

Until humans do not even suspect that aliens carry away the antiques in Mendeleyev table nothing disturbs them.

The addition prepared by Elena Guntik

Translation by E.R.

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